Установите VPN Satoshi — надежный
VPN для Linux

Suitable for all Linux versions: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora and Arch

  • Work online, watch movies and shows on streaming services, play online games

  • Online security and privacy

  • Fast VPN servers in 40+ countries around the world

How to use VPN Satoshi for Linux

To connect to our servers around the world, you don't need to know how to configure your operating system or VPN. How to enable VPN Satoshi:

  1. Download and install the program on your Linux computer.

  2. Buy a VPN Satoshi subscription.

  3. Connect to one of the locations by selecting the desired country from the list.

  4. Wait for VPN Satoshi to set up the connection. Connection occurs automatically within a couple of seconds.

If you have any questions, contact our tech support via the feedback form. We will answer them and help you set up the application.

Video: How to download and install VPN Satoshi for Linux

Download a VPN for any Linux computer

Install VPN Satoshion a PC or laptop with the 64-bit version: Ubuntu; Debian; Fedora; Linux Mint; Arch.

Didn't find a suitable distribution in the list? VPN Satoshi offers a VPN service for Kali, Zorin OS, POP! OS and other Linux modifications. You can learn more about the settings via our tech support.

Benefits of VPN Satoshi for Linux

Enjoy security on the Internet

VPN Satoshi applies modern technologies to securely protect the traffic of Linux devices. Our application redirects it to a secure server, so that the user gets a new IP address and privacy protection on public networks.

Use a browser extension

VPN Satoshi can work directly in your browser. By installing the extension, you won't have to worry about setting up a VPN outside of the browser, as all the features will be available in just a few mouse clicks. It works on Chrome, Opera and Edge browsers, as well as on other software based on them.

Easy update

VPN Satoshi automatically notifies users when a new version of the service is available. The user will only have to open the package manager and update the application through it.

Gaming on Linux with VPN Satoshi

Play online games on Linux devices with VPN Satoshi. Our VPN service will keep your data safe from third parties and protect your connection from common DDoS attacks. Thanks to the privacy we provide, no personal data or online activity will be subject to interception and abuse.

In some cases, a VPN can even increase the internet speed between the game server and the computer. This is due to optimized servers and selection of optimal locations.


A Virtual Private Network gives the user an extra layer of protection when accessing the Internet. VPN Satoshi will protect data packets from being intercepted.

You can work online without a VPN, but in that case it is not recommended to log into work accounts through public Wi-Fi networks.

There are 2 ways to check. The first one is to enter the command vpnsatoshi status in the command line. In response the status of the internet connection will come up. You can also visit the "My IP address" page. If you see there, for example, the USA, and not the country where you are actually located, VPN Satoshi is working correctly.

This version of the operating system has its own VPN client, but it cannot be called a full-fledged VPN service. Kali provides only a tool for setting up the connection. The user still has to pay for the VPN and get the server data for manual configuration.

Una opción más rápida y sencilla es utilizar VPN Satoshi. Entonces no tendrás que establecer manualmente la configuración en los ajustes del sistema operativo.

This version of the operating system also has a VPN client, but like Kali, it only allows you to connect to a remote VPN server. To take advantage of a convenient way to protect yourself online and change your IP address, you will need VPN Satoshi or a similar service.

In 5-10 seconds after turning on VPN Satoshi, you will have a different IP. To see it, use the "My IP Address" IP address verification page. It will show the device data.

Yes, VPN Satoshi works on a variety of devices including Windows PCs, smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles. You can download VPN Satoshi to an unlimited number of devices.

VPN Satoshi is a service specially designed to protect your online privacy. We do not collect customer data, i.e. we do not keep logs of activities and connections, and all information is erased after the session is over.

Security is the main value of the VPN Satoshi service. We develop a reliable application and constantly monitor the work of servers, so that user data does not get to third parties. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, hackers and Internet providers will not be able to learn about a person's online activities.

Features of VPN Satoshi for Linux

VPN servers in 40+ countries around the world

VPN Satoshi users get access to an international VPN network that will help bypass regional restrictions. You can choose any location, including Hungary, Greece, Ireland, and more.

High Internet speed

VPN Satoshi developers regularly optimize servers and software for PCs and phones so that users can watch movies and download documents at a top speed and without lags.

Browser compatibility

VPN Satoshi has a browser add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Edge that allow you to manage the VPN right in your browser window.

Emergency shutdown

If the connection to the VPN server is interrupted, the VPN Satoshi application will automatically block internet traffic for additional protection of the IP address.

Unobtrusive notifications

VPN Satoshi alerts users when the VPN is connected, as well as when it's time to update the software.

Maximum connection reliability

Watch streams, download files and work non-stop thanks to a stable internet connection. VPN Satoshi works anywhere in the world.

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