Report abuse

If you notice that the VPNS account is being misused, we would like to know about it.

Abuse means anything that violates the terms and conditions, including:

  • Sending inappropriate or spam messages
  • Mass and scripting registrations
  • Bulk emails
  • Imitation of other services
  • Fraud or other criminal activity
  • Pornography / Child pornography
  • Other

In order to report abuse fill out the form, and our abuse response team will carry out an investigation. After the estimation we will disable the accounts that violate our terms of service.

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    Account for the report
    Enter the @login of the account that you want to report
    Your email address
    Specify the email address to contact you.
    Description of the situation
    Describe what happened and what rules were violated.
    Upload a file
    You can attach a file in an EML, TXT, PDF, JPG or PNG format to the report: