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  • Works on devices with Windows 11 and 10

  • Watch movies and download files online

  • Reliable online privacy protection

  • Fast VPN servers in 40+ countries around the world

How to set up VPN Satoshi on a Windows device?

Download VPN Satoshi to your computer, tablet, laptop and get first-class online protection. Installing and configuring the program will not take much time:

  1. Download and launch the VPN service on your Windows PC or laptop.

  2. Pay for the VPN Satoshi subscription.

  3. Select one of the locations and connect to it by clicking on the button in the center of the screen.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact our VPN Satoshi technical support. Our specialists will tell you more about setting up the software and help you sort out the difficulties.

Video: How to install the VPN Satoshi app on a Windows device

VPN for Windows computers and tablets

VPN Satoshi is a secure and reliable VPN service for PCs, laptops and tablets running the Windows operating system. Our application works on devices with Windows 11, 10.

Install the program on devices from Lenovo, Huawei, HP, Sony, Asus, Samsung, MSI, GIGABYTE, Panasonic and other manufacturers. The only exception is equipment with ARM processors.

You can also install VPN Satoshi software on Apple devices and smartphones with Android OS.

Play on your Windows PC and laptop with VPN Satoshi

Use VPN Satoshi for online gaming. Thanks to the VPN service, you can protect personal data and prevent DDoS attacks that streamers often face. VPN Satoshi will help you bypass regional restrictions. If you want to play with friends from the USA, our application will help you connect to the required location.

In addition, VPN Satoshi will allow you to bypass Internet traffic speed limits imposed by your provider. Lags will no longer interfere with playing your favorite shooters, strategies or MMORPGs.

What is a VPN for Windows devices?

A VPN (or virtual private network) creates a private and secure communication channel between your Windows computer, laptop, and tablet and the network. VPN Satoshi will help you bypass censorship and regain access to any content on streaming services Netflix, HBO Max, and avoid price discrimination. With VPN Satoshi you will have complete freedom online..

Connecting a VPN on a Windows PC for schools or companies

If you plan to use a VPN to create a secure Internet connection in a company or educational institution, then setup will not take much time. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Click "Start" and go to "Settings".

  • Open the "Network and Internet" settings section.

  • Select "VPN" and click on the "Add VPN" button.

  • In the new window, enter the VPN server information received from your VPN service provider.

Setting up the connection should take no more than 1–2 minutes. However, if you want to change the server, you will have to manually enter new data again. A more convenient option to get online protection is to download VPN Satoshi. The service will automatically change settings and connect your computer to VPN servers.

Please note that VPN used in an office or educational institution does not always protect the interests of individual employees. VPN Satoshi is a reliable and secure VPN service to protect, above all, your privacy and data. With our app you get a full control over your online presence.


Installing and enabling a VPN is a reliable way to protect your privacy online. In addition to ensuring data security, VPN Satoshi users get access to any web resources. Providers will not be able to track where the user goes and what he/she does, so it will not interfere with uploading photos to your favorite social network or accessing interesting content.

The developers of the operating system created a VPN client, but it cannot be called a full-fledged and self-sufficient service. Microsoft has made a tool for setting up a VPN connection, but the company does not provide the servers themselves. Because of this, users in any case need to use a third-party VPN service or an open list of servers, which do not guarantee security since they are available to a large number of users.

When choosing VPN Satoshi to get online protection, all you have to do is download the program to your computer and click on the button in the center of the screen. There is no need to enter server data yourself and monitor the relevance of the configuration. The application will do everything automatically.

You only need to follow 3 steps: select a tariff for VPN Satoshi (not a mandatory item), install the program on your PC, laptop or tablet and click on the button in the center of the screen. When it turns green, it means the connection is set up and you can start working or watching movies on the Internet.

When choosing a VPN provider, it's important to consider several factors — cost, number of servers and locations, options, etc. It's also worth checking out customer reviews, as they often reveal more than the VPN service itself has disclosed.

After enabling VPN on your PC, you will receive a new IP address and secure your data. You can use a VPN for any purpose - working on public Wi-Fi networks, watching new Netflix releases, surfing social networks and other censored platforms.

For the team behind VPN Satoshi security always comes first. We create software so that user data cannot become publicly available. However, VPN Satoshi does not collect information about clients and their actions and does not transmit any information about them to providers.

On the VPN Satoshi website you will find many articles and instructions on setting up and installing a VPN on Windows computers, and also learn how to troubleshoot common problems. If you encounter an issue that is not mentioned in the blog and FAQ, please contact support. We will definitely help you figure it out.

There is no single speed standard that can be called a benchmark. VPN Satoshi developers are constantly optimizing the service for fast connections. So that you can watch movies on streaming services, play online and download files without stops and long downloads.

Not really. In the latest version of the operating system, as in previous ones, users are offered only a tool for connecting to a virtual private network. Microsoft does not provide full-fledged VPN services for Windows.

Benefits of VPN Satoshi for Windows

Servers all over the planet

Download VPN Satoshi and connect your device to an international network of VPN servers in 40+ locations around the world, including the United States of America, Ireland, Turkey, Canada.

High speed

VPN Satoshi developers are constantly optimizing servers and software to provide users with the highest connection speed.

Multilingual interface

Your English is not good enough? This won't be a problem! The interface of the VPN Satoshi service has been translated into several languages.

Connection reliability

Enjoy a stable and reliable connection wherever you are.

Technical support via an online chat

If you have any questions or difficulties when using VPN Satoshi, you can always write to our technical support team and get free help.

Emergency shutdown function

If the connection to the VPN server is interrupted, the VPN Satoshi application automatically blocks internet traffic for additional protection of the IP address.

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